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Customer Data Management

Complete Customer View, Simplified

Build trusted relationships and deliver personalized experiences across all touchpoints, with the consent of your customers.

Today’s customers are highly aware of how companies use their data. Because of that, they are more willing to provide their personal information that would allow companies to address their needs at the right time, in the right place – but at a cost of higher expectations.

Therefore, you need a sound customer data strategy in order to stay competitive in the market. To unlock the potential of real-time insights, you need to find ways to:

Truly understand your customers and their individual needs
Engage with your customers through all relevant touch points
Get the right data and create a unique view of the customer
Build trust and satisfy privacy requirements

Of course, this is easier said than done. Nowadays companies are relying on multiple systems to collect customer data, which causes serious organizational challenges such as:

  • too many data silos
  • inconsistent data collection practices
  • inability to manage data volume

Your benefits from working on customer data with us

Supercharge Your Growth by Understanding Your Customers

Unknown visitors turned into known, loyal customers

Long-lasting customer relationships based on transparency and control

Actionable insights for rich customer experiences

Wider reach and efficiency

Increased revenue and retention

Reduced cost and risk

Our approach to data

Enhancing your Data Maturity

To unlock the true potential of data, you should first understand what data you have available and where. We’ll start by together defining your customer data maturity model and identifying ways to move up the ladder.

Our agile approach allows us to start with the low-hanging fruits and build up to improve your customer data strategy step by step. We will help you transform from an organization that deals with fragmented data to one delivering personalized omnichannel experiences.

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Customer data platform features

How We Help You Deal With Customer Data

By using a customer data solution, you get a unique cross-channel view of the customer, as well as actionable customer insights to inform your decisions. These platforms are built from the ground up to integrate data source and destination systems in real time, allowing you to stay ahead of changes in customer preferences and behaviors.

The components of a customer data platform allow you to trigger personalized actions across different channels for the entire enterprise. This gives you the opportunity to design and launch hyper-personalized campaigns which target only specific segments of your customers, when and where they are most ready to purchase.

Real-time data ingestion
Data unification and cleaning
Centralized data model
Unified customer profile
Real-time segmentation and insights
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Customer journey building

Enable and Optimize Business Growth With the Right SAP Customer Data Solution

SAP Customer Data Platform

Combine customer data with back office data to get a 360 customer view and make better business decisions.

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SAP Customer Data Cloud

Have a full view of customer identity, consent and preferences – to address compliance, build trust and long-term loyalty.

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SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

Push the right data to marketing, commerce, service or sales systems – based on customer preferences – to enable realtime engagement.

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Are you facing challenges while implementing your customer data solution? Our experienced consultants can help.