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Web Operations

Stellar Platforms, Made Simple

Delight your customers with platforms that are optimized to deliver amazing experiences, from the ground up.

Making sure your platform delivers on its promise, again and again, doesn’t end with the launch. You need to keep the momentum going, both when adapting to changing market needs and technological innovations.

Our web operations specialists act as a single point of contact for all your needs. From ongoing optimization of digital platforms, across application management, to automation services – we make your business more efficient, without losing its wow factor.

Your benefits from working with us

Simplifying Operations through Expertise

We devote a lot of attention to our DevOps culture. This ensures we continuously deliver high-performing and resilient platforms – all thanks to the benefits of automation and agile practices. Our philosophy is customer-centered, and we aim to ensure your long-term success in two ways. Firstly, by together optimizing platforms which are future-proof, but also by making sure that they delight your end-customers.

Automatic scaling

By using automatic scaling for infrastructure, we reduce overall costs and continuously optimize the performance of your platforms.

Root cause analysis and post-incident reviews

We aim to not only understand the root cause of an incident but also to optimize the resolvement process. This is why we conduct a post-incident review with all relevant stakeholders, which helps us identify problems within the process and minimize the time to repair.

Tight collaboration

Our web operations team will work closely with you to ensure fast support and high operational quality. The continuous exchange starts from the development of the platform to go-live and beyond, and includes quarterly tech progress meetings.

Expertise and know-how transfer

Our in-depth technical know-how and long-term experience allow us to deliver platforms in a scalable and price-optimized way. In case you want to manage your projects in-house after the go-live, we will pass-on this knowledge to make sure you do it successfully.

Our approach to web operations

Where Collaboration Meets Experience

Creating resilient digital platforms and delivering seamless cloud operations is a part of our DNA. Our time-tested DevOps approach focuses on the:

  • collaboration between project units
  • intelligent swarming of knowledge
  • continuous improvement of integrations and provisioning stack
  • sustainable automation of manual steps

Join our existing customers who are already benefiting from our expertise in operating digital platforms, the use of cutting-edge technology, and the fusion of development and operational knowledge.

Digital Platform Building

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How we help you optimize web operations

Solutions that Fit Your Needs

No matter the lifecycle stage of your platform, we are here to make sure it delivers.

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