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Find out what life at NETCONOMY looks like and how we’ve created an environment that motivates people to grow. At the center of it all – a culture that puts our people first.

Luka Malidzan,

Software Development Lead

The main thing NETCONOMY gave me was room to grow – every new challenge is an opportunity to work on my skills. When I was starting, my mentor was always there to support me, which showed me how important empathy and trust are when working with people. I can truly say working here helped shape me as a person, and I feel that's rare in the business world today.

Luka Malidzan NETCONOMY

Marija Vukotic Savic,

Software Engineer

Coming from a completely different educational background, I was amazed by the welcome and the atmosphere I encountered – first as a career changer for the NETCADEMY’S Talent Lab program and then as a Junior Software Engineer. I'm proud that the company promotes diversity and enthusiasm in this way. It really helps us all stay passionate and motivated, especially through challenging times.

Marija Vukotic Savic NETCONOMY

Lukas Gregori,

Software Architect & Development Lead

I love working with a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions and embracing new tools and technologies. However, what truly makes this experience special is the opportunity to collaborate with a group of deeply passionate people who share the same drive and enthusiasm. It is this environment that has enabled me to grow over the past eight years working at NETCONOMY. Even after all this time, my excitement never fades: I still get to be creative with my team and design innovative solutions that align with our customers' visions and goals.


Anja Hiebler,

Customer Director

The chance to delight end-users with amazing experiences really gets my heart racing – especially when we get to use the newest solutions on the market! I love working with customers from around the world, covering a wide range of industries. And building solutions and partnerships that last. Seeing our work go live, serving millions of customers and making their lives easier – that’s what keeps me going and why I’m so passionate about working here.


Markus Unger,

Product Owner

In my four years here as a Product Owner, I’ve seen my team do great things – especially during the pandemic. It took quite a bit of adaptability, both for the company and the teams, but we were able to operate completely location-independent. And we kept the same level of quality and professionalism! To be honest, I expected the mood to go down but the whole team stayed strong, pulled together, and motivated each other every day – this makes me incredibly proud, considering the challenging times we experienced.


Mila Petrovic,

Marketing & Demand Generation Specialist

I believe that it’s important to be recognized for your work, but even more that you use that success to help those less fortunate. I feel lucky to be a part of an organization that truly cares about the communities it operates in, and the environment in general. Each one of us knows that we are making a difference – be it through our yearly charity donations, the CO2 emission compensation, or the company’s long-term commitment to a greener future.



"An office is a place with your favorite coffee mug."


Our hippest location. In the heart of Europe.


The fairest of them all. Or so the people say.


A team all others love to visit. The secret is in the cheese.


Where magic happens. Thanks to our CX Innovation Hub.


Our home away from home. The heart of NETCONOMY.


Our smallest team. In size, but never spirit.


Our second largest office. But the first on the dance floor.

Novi Sad

Our newest team. Full of potential.


Our splash of sun, fun and terrific food.

How We Show We Care

We make sure you grow

Continuous learning is a top priority for us. But it’s not limited to your professional development. We make sure you benefit both from a wide range of external training programs and our in-house NETCADEMY.

We celebrate with you

Come and join one of our weekly social events or celebrate milestones with your team. It’s on us! ;)

We give you the space to find your balance

Early bird or night owl? You know yourself best! Plan your day as it suits you with our flexible working models.

We help you become the best version of you

Take part in our social responsibility initiatives and join various projects such as our NETCONOMY Charity Run.

We make your 'come to the office' day fun

Whether taking a break in the chillout lounge, having fun at the pool table or collaborating in our modern workspaces – we make sure our offices are built around your needs.

We take care of all the boring details

Best-in-class equipment, a mobility subsidy, discounts at our partner companies and all the other stuff you would expect.

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Some roles require a skills challenge – show us what you got.


Meet us

Two rounds of interviews give you, the recruiter, and your future team a chance to find out if it's a match.


Sign it

If you haven't visited us before, stop by and sign your contract over a cup of coffee. (If you like your coffee better, we can do this online.)


Welcome to the team!

Congrats, you are now a member of our team. We’ll make sure you have a smooth start through our onboarding process!

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