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Your first days at NETCONOMY: A people-first experience

It’s the 21st century, the IT industry is booming, and the war for talents is on. The term Employee Experience is becoming increasingly important, and Employee Lifecycle Management is an organizational approach that can no longer be ignored.

Building upon a transparent and human-centered recruiting process up to the point where final decisions are taken on both sides, the next important step starts as soon as the new team member opens the door to the new workplace. And this is exactly the moment when a perfectly structured and valuable onboarding process kicks in, ensuring that new team members immediately feel connected and have a clear picture of the company’s culture and mission.

Our onboarding program is built to ensure the success of new joiners 

Like any other complex process, successful onboarding demands 
well-structured and sophisticated approach. It needs a dedicated team of experts that defines the overall goals, creates the right mixture of knowledge- and culture-sharing, and ensures the smooth execution of the program for all people involved. As a provider for Customer Experience solutions, we understand the importance of personal experience overall. Our internal training department – the so-called NETCADEMY – is mastering a comprehensive onboarding program that is adjusted to the individual needs and requirements of new joiners and their respective roles 

From a portfolio of over 45 onboarding slots and a dedicatedrole-specific bootcamp we assure that our new colleagues settle into our new working environment, familiarize themselves with their tasks & responsibilities, and discover the contact points in case they need support in all possible areas get a 360° view about the company’s culture and spirit. The sessions provided cover topics in the following areas:  

  • An introduction to the company’s story, its key business areas, and the values that we live and share as a team 
  • An overview of processes, tools, and technologies used in daily communications and throughout customer projects 
  • Best practices on how we handle remote collaboration due to the international background of the company and a distributed team structure 
  • In-depth workshops about agility and the scrum process, software quality assurance, the SAP and Google product portfolio, development operations and many more 
  • And of course, there is a lot of time planned for connecting with new team members through sponsored mentor lunch sessions and coffee&connect chats 

Once the onboarding program is finished each new team member will still be accompanied by a mentor until day 90, following a detailed connect & learn plan, which helps them to find their spot and unleash their professional skills.

Eager to find out how new joiners experience their starting time at NETCONOMY
Watch the onboarding video we have provided for you and discover how your first days could be like. If you are already convinced, check out our open positions.


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