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Find out more about our history, the values we hold dear, and the people who make sure they are at the core of everything we do.

We value integrity, honesty, skill and passion, and we go the extra mile whenever we feel we can make a difference.

NETCONOMY Management Team

Your Partner of Choice on the Road to Digital Leadership

With the great pivot towards digital, the old ways of working are no longer sustainable. Companies that want to stay in the lead are already working to transform their business models, and some of them have crossed the finish line.


With more than 20 years of experience, we are here to help you make a fundamental change and grow through digital channels. Our services range from strategy advisory and organizational agility, via platform architecture and specification to platform building, enablement and operational excellence.


As an independent company, we aim to build long-term partnerships and collaborate with both customers and technology providers in a way that motivates everyone to achieve more. We are especially proud of our highly skilled team whose experience ranges across many industries. In everything we do, we are committed to the highest standards when it comes to environmental, social and corporate governance.

Our Values

We are proud to deliver.

We are proud to implement solutions that run and wow. And though we make it look easy, delivering exceptional quality again and again is far from it. Our secret? Balance in everything we do – our customers, engineers, controllers and customer experience experts are all working together, not against each other. That’s why we’ve been so great at what we do for the past 20 years. And we’re here to stay.

We move first.

Moving first is a state of mind. It means being so passionate about something that every innovation in that field attracts your attention. But also, being able to sense whether that innovation is relevant enough to change the field or not. If yes – there is an exciting new game to be played. That’s what we’re committed to: Being the first to master new technologies that will be game changers.

We like competition.

Motivating people isn’t easy, so we’re always working to create an environment where people can thrive. That’s why our teams always appear to be having a bit of friendly competition between them – nothing wrong with that if you ask us! We know it’s extremely hard to remain at the top, so we welcome the competition that helps us improve and work hard to get better every day.

We show up.

In our mind, there are two ways to meet a challenge. We can decide to stay in our comfort zone, waiting for someone else to take responsibility. Or we can show up and tackle the challenge head-on. We believe in the second option – the one less chosen – because it leads to more clarity and success. Which is why fairness, transparency and accountability are at the core of who we are.

We have never been after the fast buck. And we never will.

When you really love what you’ve created, you’d never want to do something to spoil it – right? That’s exactly how we feel – we are honestly passionate about what we do, and you can see it in every 1 and 0. Because of this, our goal is to foster long-lasting relationships with our customers. And if we see a project won’t work from the start, or it has the potential to harm society – we’ll be honest about it. Even if it means we’ll lose the customer.


Martin Barzauner, CEO

Martin Barzauner is an experienced management executive and the founder and CEO of NETCONOMY. He has been working on building up the company and its customer base ever since the foundation. Thanks to his extensive experience in digital transformation, he is helping customers set the right strategies and implement digital platforms to grow their business.


Martin Bachler, CTO

As the Chief Technical Officer of NETCONOMY, Martin Bachler is responsible for overseeing and growing NETCONOMY’s engineering and operations teams and enhancing their skillset. His technology and software engineering expertise brings valuable advice to NETCONOMY’s customers and ensures they benefit from the most recent technological developments.


Andreas Schilk, CFO

In his role of the Chief Financial Officer, Andreas Schilk leads NETCONOMY’s financial and controlling operations. As an experienced finance professional, he ensures our company’s sustainable growth. He is also responsible for the Administration team of NETCONOMY.


Thomas Ziegler, CCO

Thomas Ziegler is the Chief Customer Officer at NETCONOMY. He takes care of customer engagement and ensures smooth project delivery. Combining his experience in digital business and his background in academic lecturing, Thomas helps our customers utilize latest innovation, proven methodologies and the right technology.


We're Proud of Our Achievements

NETCONOMY was founded
became an SAP CX (Hybris) partner
opened the office in Switzerland
opened the office in Serbia
opened the first office in Germany
started the joint venture in Spain
became a Microsoft Azure partner
opened the Innovation Hub in Vienna
became a Google Cloud partner


We are a team of 500 experts across Europe.

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