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UX and UI Design

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Give your users the experience they deserve with our customer centric UX and UI solutions.

In today’s world, where your competition is just a click away, online and offline experiences play a critical role in delighting your customers.  But how do user experience (UX) – the overall experience a user has with a brand or a product – and user interface (UI) – the way a user interacts with a particular system – fit into this?

  • Good UX design improves conversion rates by 83%.
  • 88% of users won’t return after a negative experience.
  • 94% of users say that bad web design lowers their thrust of brands and sites.
  • 50% less time is needed for developers to solve problems when good UX is incorporated.

Our approach to UX and UI

Solutions Tailored to You and Your Customers

Whether your online store is still just a drawing in your head, or you’ve launched a solution but you’re not seeing the results you were expecting, we have you covered.

Our UX and UI designers use a design-thinking process to better understand the challenge you’re facing, design a solution and then test it out with your customers to make sure you get the best possible results once we implement it.

Ecommerce Solutions Your Customers Will Love and Come Back to, Again and Again

We start by doing a deep dive to understand your context, customers, and challenges. That way, the solution we come up with is the most suitable one for you and your needs.

Below are just some of the activities and outcomes we might suggest as part of your design process:

Empathize and Define

  • Data analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • User interviews
  • Business requirements
  • Customer personas
  • User flow diagram
  • Key user journey

Ideate and Prototype

  • Brainstorm and sketch
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Look and feel
  • Clickdummy

Test and Implement

  • User test
  • A/B test
  • Expert review
  • Handoff

The benefits of working with us on your UX and UI design

Why go with NETCONOMY?

We are experts in SAP, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and other e-commerce solutions with a proven track record.
We offer both UX and UI design – making sure your solutions work the way they are supposed to, and look amazing all the way
Our design team works agile, and is embedded within the development team. Which means no lags or gaps in communication.
We create both website and mobile solutions – making sure your customers have an incredible experience at every touch point.

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