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Always be aware of changes in the way your customers or your business behaves with our top-of-the-line data and analytics platforms.

Having customer data is great, but it’s not just about what you have. It’s also how you use it. Here are some of the challenges companies face in relation to their data:

  • Huge amounts of data, collected from multiple sources.
  • Reporting tools that don’t recognize data sources, and lead to frustration and waste of time.
  • Traditional data warehouse systems have limited storage and processing capacity.
  • Traditional solutions make it difficult to extract data for machine learning approaches.
  • Collecting useful data in real-time is often too difficult.
  • Poor quality data – e.g. manual errors.
  • Lack of support to build a data culture in the organization.
  • Privacy and security risks of the collected data are often overlooked.

As an answer to some of these, companies have in recent years started adopting data and analytics solutions empowered by artificial intelligence. Building a modern data analytics platform enables you to empower your teams, better understand and predict customer behavior, and increase engagement, revenue, and conversion.

Our team of dedicated data scientists and engineers is ready to work with you to deliver best-in-class data and analytics platforms. With our considerable experience in developing cutting-edge solutions, we’ll make sure that you take full advantage of the data you have available.

Benefits of a modern data and analytics platform

Know yourself, and your customers

Scalable and future-proof basis for data analysis and processing

Flexible, open and multi-cloud platform provides the highest value from your data

Strong foundation for more advanced analytics and machine learning initiatives

Different storage classes can lower your total cost of ownership by up to 52%

Actionable insights help you to better understand customer behavior

Our approach to building data and analytics platforms

All Roads Start with You

We use a time-tested approach to help you modernize your data warehouse. In doing so, we make sure you get actionable business insights from existing data as quickly as possible.

  1. As a first step, we’ll organize a brief call to better understand the challenges you face.
  2. Next, we’ll come together for a one-day workshop and create a common understanding of your data strategy, vision, and mission, and propose a high-level big data architecture.
  3. We’ll then build up a suitable big data architecture with all relevant details.
  4. We’ll continue by identifying the use cases that support your vision and mission and set goals.
  5. Finally, we’ll evaluate the results and together decide on the next steps towards building a modern data warehouse.

By following these steps, we can better understand your business through insights gathered from your existing data. This way, we can truly support you with changing your approach to data and building a blueprint for a successful future.

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