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The Importance of Giving | NETCONOMY Annual Donations

Last year reminded all of us of the importance of health and wellbeing. We faced some unusual circumstances and had to adjust to “the new normal” as the whole world focused on fighting the pandemic. Unfortunately, it became the number one priority of healthcare systems and governments around the globe. 

We were asked to stay at home – but what if you don’t have a home to stay at? Or if Covid19 is by far not your biggest health problem? The pandemic will come to an end, but there are other issues that have been here for a longer time and won’t go away effortlessly.

What we decided to do 

This time we chose to increase our annual donations and support the ones in constant need. We believe that sympathy and compassion at this time mean more than ever. The total amount of the donations given is 100.000 EUR and it was split to charities in cities of our office locations respectively.  

How did it work 

We asked our colleagues to suggest organizations and causes that help in solving the biggest problems their local communities have. The teams locally voted for the causes they would like to support the most. 

Who did we help 

 In the end, donations were given to the following organizations: 

Zurich, Switzerland

  • Pfuusbus, a winter emergency shelter for homeless by Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber 

Berlin, Germany

  • Kältehilfe, a winter emergency shelter for homeless by Berliner Stadtmission 
  • Die Gelbe Villa, a project that promotes art and creativity skills development for children and young adults, organized by Jovita Foundation 
  • Kinderhaus Berlin-Mitte, a kindergarten for children with difficult family circumstances

Dortmund, Germany

  • Christopher’s school, a project that helps children with special needs to exercise and do sports 

Graz, Austria

  • The winter shelter for homeless people in Styria by Caritas Graz 
  • VinziDorf, a community for the homeless by Vinzenzgemeinschaft Eggenberg – VinziWerke 
  • Steirische Kinderkrebshilfe, an organization that helps children suffering from cancer 
  • Rainbows Steiermark, a support organization for children that experienced a difficult family situation, such as divorce or death of a near relative 
  • Herzkinder Österreich, an organization that helps families in which children are suffering from heart diseases 

Vienna, Austria

  • VinziRast emergency shelter for homeless by Verein Vinzenzgemeinschaft St. Stephan 
  • National conference for teachers working with students with blindness or visual impairment 
  • Miteinander Lernen-Birlikte Öğrenelim, an organization that provides advice, education, and psychotherapy for women, children, and families with a migration background 

Klagenfurt, Austria

  • JUNO, an organization that provides care and support for homeless youth in Carinthia 

Belgrade, Serbia

  • NURDOR, National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer in Serbia 
  • ZVONČICA, parents’ organization of children with cancer and other rare diseases

Why are we sharing this  

Every year NETCONOMY provides donations to non-profit organizations that help in fighting different issues. Why did we decide to talk about this now? We hold ourselves responsible not only to donate but to promote certain causes to motivate others to do the same. Our donations alone won’t solve the problem – but together, we could do so much. We felt like this special time asks for a little reminder of the issues that won’t end after the pandemic. 

Thank you 

We’re saying huge thanks to our customers and partners – thanks to your trust and collaboration, we can make this impact together. We would also like to thank our colleagues for taking the time to carefully suggest and consider the most relevant causes to support. 

Let’s do even more together.