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NETCADEMY – the team that helps us grow

At NETCONOMY, we don’t just give our people room for growth.We also motivate them to take charge of their development. Our in-house training academy, the NETCADEMY, is a dedicated team that takes care of our education offer, handles training requests, and drives knowledge-sharing within the company.

We face an unprecedented level of change, both in business and technology. So now more than ever, it’s crucial that companies – but also individuals in the job market – have a planned approach to continuous development and education.

A company that promotes personal and professional growth is sure to achieve a competitive edge. At the same time, its teams are happier and more productive as individuals are free to identify and pursue their interests.

That is why our in-house training academy, the NETCADEMY, supports our people in developing themselves in a way tailored to each individual.

In this article, we’ll cover the different areas NETCADEMY takes care of:

Following is some more information about each of these.

Our Internal Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base contains hundreds of resources in the form of (e-)books, session recordings, self-study courses, and other learning materials.  Most of these relate to technical topics such as the SAP Customer Experience and Google Cloud Platform product portfolio, agile practices, testing methodologies, microservices, or security applications.

The other part includes material on soft skills, including communication tactics and leadership strategies.

Colleagues can request additional learning materials based on their needs, while our trainers constantly evaluate and expand the offering.

Internal and External On-demand Training

Those who do not find what they are looking for within our knowledge base can request on-demand training – and will be advised and supported by our NETCADEMY colleagues.

This option is essential for colleagues who want to develop in a particular direction and acquire specific certificates, and those who recognize a skillset gap within the company and want to address it proactively.

Internal Knowledge Sharing

We want all our colleagues to share their expertise and knowledge internally. Therefore, the NETCADEMY organizes workshops and talks by colleagues for colleagues.

The topics are chosen freely – from negotiation training to design thinking workshops – and can cover any technical and non-technical topic.

The bi-weekly Speaker corners, which often relate to technical or business content, are recorded and made available to all employees.

Our Customized Onboarding Program

Joining a new company is a daunting task – there is so much information to take in, and let’s not get started on all the new names and faces to remember. To help new colleagues get started, NETCADEMY developed our comprehensive onboarding program.

Through more than 45 sessions, new joiners cover everything they need for a successful start at NETCONOMY – from introduction to our way of working, in-depth workshops about our product portfolio, development operations, and much more. And for developers, the NETCADEMY team developed a role-specific boot camp to help joiners settle into their new working environment.

The Leadership Curriculum

Since 2020 NETCADEMY has organized the Leadership Curriculum for all colleagues in leadership positions. We developed this program to help participants master the skills and tools needed to effectively lead and communicate within a team, and become empathic and authentic leaders.

Each of the five modules is organized in person at an isolated countryside location. This atmosphere – combined with the small group size – allows participants to focus on learning essential aspects of leadership, such as guiding their teams through their career paths or managing group dynamics. 

Other key topics include:

  • early identification of time management issues
  • prevention of burnout
  • correct handling of feedback

Shaping IT Talents

Building young talents is a core focus of NETCADEMY. Next to organizing special training sessions for junior roles, the trainers are seamlessly integrated into the organization of our Talent Lab program for starters in the IT industry.

The program contains a customized set of trainings and hands-on workshops and was awarded the “Best traineeship” award by the Empple employer branding festival in Serbia.

Are you ready to step up your game?

Join our team if you’re interested in challenging yourself and others to grow, and having fun along the way. If you’re interested, take a look at our open positions or contact us directly.