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SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

Seamless Engagement Across Channels

SAP Emarsys helps you deliver highly personalized campaigns thanks to advanced segmentation capabilities, natively integrated channels, and AI-powered features.

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement is an AI-powered platform designed to help marketing teams of all sizes deliver personalized and relevant experiences to their customers. Companies are empowered to optimize their marketing strategies and drive meaningful customer interactions that lead to increased loyalty and revenue.

SAP Emarsys is an integral part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio that enables marketers to effortlessly engage with customers across channels like email, mobile, social media, and the web. This integrated approach ensures a seamless omnichannel experience catering to each customer’s needs and preferences.

SAP Emarsys benefits

Deliver Next-level Customer Engagement

Increase efficiency by automating marketing operations

Execute all your campaigns through a single solution

Get a 360-degree view of the customer

Reduce customer churn

Increase customer lifetime value

SAP Emarsys features

Advanced Capabilities for Maximum Marketing Impact

SAP Emarsys stands out with its array of sophisticated features designed to answer diverse marketing needs. These features help businesses harness the power of their data, enabling them to create personalized experiences that resonate with each customer. With SAP Emarsys, marketers can easily analyze customer behavior in great detail, deliver highly targeted campaigns, and measure their effectiveness.

Pre-built AI-powered use cases
Omnichannel automation
Personalized customer engagement
Advanced reporting and analytics
Streamlined data model
Integration with SAP CX portfolio

SAP Emarsys tactics

Always Be the First to Launch Crucial Customer Engagements

SAP Emarsys tactics are pre-built campaigns that marketers can quickly deploy to achieve a specific marketing goal. These tactics are designed to address different marketing scenarios, offering an adaptable and efficient approach to customer engagement.

Whether aiming to increase customer retention, enhance the customer lifecycle, or drive targeted promotions, tactics provide all the necessary tools.

SAP Emarsys tactics were created after a careful analysis of the most successful programs by Emarsys customers and aim to provide marketing teams with powerful, ready-to-use features for the most common scenarios.

These tactics empower companies to quickly deploy new strategies and react to customer needs and are considered the ultimate differentiator of SAP Emarsys in the crowded marketing automation market.

Drive Acquisition and Conversion

Campaign examples:

  • Welcome new customers
  • Drive purchase after cart abandonment
  • Continue customer journey after browse abandonment
  • Identify and re-engage cold leads
  • Encourage repeat purchases with AI gamification

Respond to Customer Lifecycle Milestones

Campaign examples:

  • Identify and win back defecting or inactive customers
  • Win back inactive customers and engage inactive leads
  • Drive first-time buyers to make a second purchase
  • Reward registration anniversary
  • Enable post-purchase cross-sell

Benefit from Product News and Updates

Campaign examples:

  • Alert customers when the price drops
  • Drive repeat purchases with a regular cycle
  • Alert customers when the product is back in stock

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SAP Emarsys customer reference

Migros Success Story

We work with Migros to help them deliver personalized shopping experiences and drive loyalty with SAP Emarsys.


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