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SAP Commerce Cloud 2211: The New Age of Headless Commerce

SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 is the first cloud-only version of the SAP platform for digital commerce.

It brings a new headless architecture ready for superb omnichannel experiences, a Spartacus-based composable storefront for greater agility, and a state-of-the-art AI recommendation system that powers true personalization.

In December 2022, SAP released a new version of its digital commerce platform – SAP Commerce Cloud 2211. As expected, this new version of SAP Commerce Cloud focuses on giving users a stellar customer experience across all channels and touchpoints while being easier to manage and optimize.

One of the biggest news surrounding the 2211 version is that it’s the first cloud-only one. This means that only the customers running on the Public Cloud will be able to take advantage of the full range of SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 functionalities.

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Following are the three most significant innovations featured in SAP Commerce Cloud 2211.

A New Headless Architecture

Modern shoppers use various channels to search for information and buy products. And the pandemic has only strengthened this behavior.

As a response, the SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 comes with an extensible headless architecture that enables companies to provide superb omnichannel experiences customized to each shopper.

The 2211 version comes with an improved set of Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) APIs such as:

  • Assisted Service Module 360 view
  • Buy Online, Pick up in Store

Spartacus Now Becomes the SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Storefront

SAP Spartacus (also known as just Spartacus) is an open-source platform for B2B and B2C digital commerce storefronts. Developed by SAP as a decoupled frontend solution, it’s been widely used with the SAP Commerce Cloud thanks to being easily upgradable and free to use.

With the launch of SAP Commerce Cloud v2211, Spartacus has been rebranded and included as an official SAP product named SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Storefront. The users of the new platform will be pleasantly surprised to hear that it sports the upgraded 5.0 version (up from the regular Spartacus version 4.3, which is available to everyone else).

This means that the new storefront will bring some new features and benefits to those who decide to upgrade to SAP Commerce Cloud 2211, including:

  • customer experience improvements across the platform, guaranteed to delight the end-user
  • host of accessibility features, such as screen reader compatibility
  • simple integration with the SAP Customer Data Cloud for easier data collection

AI-Powered Personalized Recommendations

It’s 2023, and we all know that AI-powered optimization is the name of the game. So, it’s not surprising that the new SAP Commerce Cloud v2211 comes with cutting-edge AI-powered recommendation tools which will help you position the right product at the right time.

The recommendation tools run your first-party data through a deep learning model to determine which products are the most popular (so-called ‘crowd wisdom’). Then, they combine this data with the customer’s previous search and purchase history, and your inventory stock, to present products that the specific customer is most likely to view and buy.

Another way SAP Commerce Cloud v2211 will help you increase your revenue is by recommending complementary products to your customers based on what they are looking at or the products already in their cart.