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Driving Physical and Mental Well-being: Healthy Spring at NETCONOMY

In this blog, we talk with our colleague Katharina about our Healthy Spring initiative, which aims to improve our colleagues’ physical and mental well-being. As the driver of this initiative, Katharina explains why she brought the Healthy Spring to life, the program components, and the effect she envisions on our people and culture. 

As an employee development specialist, Katharina is a part of NETCADEMY – our in-house training academy. That means a part of her day-to-day business is nurturing the growth of our teams. She supports our people in facilitating trainings or certificates along their career paths while also researching and evaluating new training offers for our education catalog.

From left: Katharina (Employee Development Specialist) and Alexandra (HR Administration Specialist)

Being a health enthusiast in her private life, Katharina wants to highlight the importance of mental and physical well-being through the Healthy Spring Initiative. We interviewed her to find out more about the program, and she gave us insights about:

The Spark Behind Healthy Spring

Katharina, can you tell us why health and well-being is crucial to you?

Katharina:I have been passionate about these topics for many years. Having a healthy lifestyle has always been one of my biggest interests, and I enjoy trying new healthy recipes, hiking, or attending yoga classes together with my friends. After studying health management for my bachelor’s and gaining more background knowledge on how companies handle these topics, I also wanted to push them at NETCONOMY.”

Why do you think Spring is the right time for this kind of initiative?

Katharina: “Spring is the perfect energizing season to get active and focus on health. It’s getting warmer, people are spending more time outdoors, and want to get fitter for the summer. That’s why we want to utilize this energy boost and empower colleagues to take more control of their health and well-being.”

What are the Core Elements of Healthy Spring?

When setting up the Healthy Spring initiative, Katharina and her colleagues took a holistic approach and focused on the mental, physical, and social pillars.

Each component is designed to help our teams improve their mental or psychological health while building social connections with other colleagues or deepening their knowledge around health-related topics.

The whole initiative is part of our NETCONOMY Social Club. This program offers regular online and in-person events that support our well-being, drive knowledge-sharing, and bring us together as a team.

Recent events of our NETCONOMY Social Club: Singstar Night, Rope Park, Escape The Room, Indoor Golfing

Here is an overview of the components of Healthy Spring:


Katharina:”For our Healthy Spring, we brought back the NETCONOMY Charity Run, a month-long initiative in which our colleagues run for a good cause. For every kilometer they run, walk or hike, NETCONOMY donates 1€ to a charitable organization – chosen by the people who ran the longest. We started the initiative together and regularly meet in running groups at our locations. That way, we can collect for a good cause and have fun exercising together.”

Another charity run we are participating in is the well-known Wings for Life run. This run raises money for people affected by spinal cord injuries. For this initiative, our colleagues organize running groups for those who like to work out together.

Refresh Breaks 

Another element of the physical pillar are bi-weekly 30-minute Refresh Breaks facilitated by an external coach.

Katharina: “Refresh Breaks are designed to give people a quick energy boost throughout the day – perfect when you need to ground and re-center when under stress. The sessions include gentle activation and revitalization exercises for the whole body, including breath work, gentle stretches, eye exercises for tired screen eyes, and various yoga techniques.”

Resilience Training

The Stress and Burnout Prevention series is part of the mental health pillar and offers practical techniques for managing the pressures of everyday life. This program equips participants with the tools to thrive in their personal and professional domains, raise awareness about the risks of stress, and improve coping strategies.

Katharina: “Throughout four sessions, participants first get input on the theoretical background of stress and what is behind stress perception and burnout. They’ll also learn how to evaluate their situation and identify starting points for dealing with stress factors in daily work. The following sessions aim to get to know and try out stress management methods and tools first-hand.”

Expert Insights Sessions

Katharina: “Besides the longer-term initiatives, our colleagues can also participate in one-off insight sessions with various experts. The sessions should give opportunities to gain practical knowledge, and demonstrate evidence-based practices for better health.”

One session with a nutrition expert will will explain how an imbalance in the gut-brain-link can affect psychological and physical health.

Another session by our company doctor will focus on ergonomics at the workplace and show how improvements in the work environment lead to better postures, reduced strains, and overall well-being. 

What are the Benefits of participating in Healthy Spring?

Joining our Health Springy program goes beyond just physical or mental health benefits. It helps team members bond better, improve teamwork, and create a supportive and encouraging environment.

Katharina: “Participating regularly in health initiatives can promote the adoption of healthy habits, boost your energy level and vitality, and improve overall physical health and mental well-being. Also, it is an opportunity to interact and bond with colleagues outside of the usual work tasks. These shared experiences help break down barriers and strengthen relationships among coworkers, all while improving their health and having fun together.”

Hiking Trip of our Switzerland team 

What are your Long-term Aspirations?

To Katharina, Healthy Spring isn’t just a seasonal initiative; it’s a call for change, showing how important health and well-being are and how we can incorporate them into our daily lives. Katharina’s efforts show that when companies care for their employees’ health, they’re not just fixing a problem but building a company culture that cares for its most important asset: its people.

Katharina: “My vision is not a one-time event but a continuous, evolving program that adapts to the needs and aspirations of our employees. Healthy Spring is the starting point for an ongoing conversation on health, one that I hope will resonate and grow within our community.”

Final Thoughts

At the end of the interview, Katharina expressed her gratitude to colleagues at NETCONOMY who have supported her in organizing the Healthy Spring initiative. This initiative, though not directly work-related, requires not only motivated and creative individuals to contribute to it but also individuals who embrace it.

Even though our Healthy Spring is just starting, many colleagues already signed up for the individual program components and are planning further sports events as part of the NETCONOMY Social Club, making Healthy Spring a major collaborative project.

If this sounds like a community you want to be part of, find our open positions here.


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Katharina Pexider, Employee Development Specialist

Katharina specializes in the organization and facilitation of a broad range of educational programs, including trainings, certifications, conferences, coachings, and knowledge-sharing sessions. With a keen focus on enhancing soft-skills, leadership abilities, and agile methodologies, she collaborates closely with department leads to pinpoint educational requirements and develop customized solutions.

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