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Product Data Enrichment with Generative AI: Use Case Deep Dive

No More Boring​ Product Descriptions

Customers demand information at their fingertips – and it needs to be accurate, up-to-date, and complete. This means companies must ensure their product information is continuously checked and enriched or risk losing customers.

With our genAI product data enrichment use case, we help your product teams provide the best possible user experience.

In simple terms, this solution generates high-quality product descriptions by pulling information from various sources (such as product manuals or competition websites). These descriptions can be set to follow your brand standards, and are also search and SEO friendly to increase your product visibility.

If you’d like to learn more, download our ‘Product Data Enrichment with Generative AI’ deep dive.

In this guide, we touch on not only the benefits of this particular genAI use case, but also outline what are the steps in the product data enrichment process and how it creates value for your company.

What ‘Product Data Enrichment with Generative AI’ Deep Dive Covers:

  • Why You Need Product Data Enrichment
  • What Are the Benefits
  • How Does GenAI Product Data Enrichment Works
  • What is the Value of Product Data Enrichment for Your Company
  • NETCONOMY Approach to Generative AI
Ready to leave your boring product descriptions behind?
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Authors and Contributors

Boban Djordjevic

Development Lead​, NETCONOMY

Manuela Fritzl

Experience Management Lead, NETCONOMY

Nikola Pavlovic

Content Marketing Manager, NETCONOMY

Download the 'GenAI Product Data Enrichment' Use Case