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The Age of AI: NETCONOMY Highlights from Google Cloud Next 2024

NETCONOMY team once again joined Google Cloud Next – a crucial snapshot of the industry’s current state and evolution.

In this article, they share their highlights from the event and describe how the innovation they saw will help create more value for our customers and the industry.

With AI technologies advancing at an unprecedented pace, Google Cloud Next represents a crucial snapshot of the industry’s current state and evolution.

From cutting-edge AI models that promise to revolutionize how businesses understand and interact with their data to sustainable cloud solutions that aim to minimize the environmental impact of digital operations, Google Cloud Next 2024 showcased how technology can not only drive economic growth but also do it responsibly and inclusively.

Our CTO Martin Bachler, CCO Thomas Ziegler, Director Business Evolution Sabine Lackner, and Development Lead Boban Djordjevic share their highlights from the event and describe how they will create more value for our customers and the industry.

Google’s Enterprise AI Capabilities are Unparalleled: Observations by Martin Bachler

Martin Bachler, NETCONOMY’s Chief Technology Officer, was impressed by Google’s position in enterprise-grade AI. According to him, Google stands out with the most robust offerings, a testament to their strength in the field.

He was particularly impressed by the integration of Gemini models across various Google services, including analytics, computing, databases, cyber security, and Google Workspace. This horizontal and vertical integration showcases Google’s unique advantage in leveraging Generative AI more seamlessly than competitors, thanks partly to its ownership of these models.

Furthermore, Martin highlighted the capabilities within Vertex AI, noting the ease of creating specialized agents for customers, employees, security, and creative tasks. These pre-built agents offer a low entry barrier and faster time to market, providing NETCONOMY and other partners an invaluable tool in developing AI solutions efficiently.

Collaborative Innovation Is Crucial: Thomas Ziegler’s Highlights

Our Chief Customer Officer, Thomas Ziegler, mentioned the strategic collaborations he observed at Google Cloud Next 2024. “A significant highlight was the collaboration between Google and SAP, centering on improving customer transactions. This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to leveraging technology for more streamlined and effective customer interactions.”

Thomas also noted Google’s growing presence and visibility within Europe, indicating an ongoing expansion of their operations in the region. This expansion is not just about increasing their footprint but also about intensifying the impact of their innovative technologies on various industries across Europe.

Furthermore, Thomas observed a pivotal shift in Google’s approach – from being primarily an infrastructure provider to focusing on how its technology stack can deliver unique value and excite customers. This transition signals Google’s intent to play a more integral role in enabling businesses to create compelling, tech-driven customer experiences.

Expanding Google Cloud Horizons: Insights from Sabine Lackner

Sabine, our Director of Business Evolution, emphasized the omnipresence of AI at the event. “This is the age of AI, and there is no getting around it. The pace at which development is happening is incredible,” she remarked.

Another aspect that stood out to Sabine was the community around Google Cloud, and she was impressed that over 30,000 attended the event. For both her and NETCONOMY, being part of such a huge network of innovators is invaluable. The conversations she had and the connections she made were pivotal, laying down the groundwork for future collaboration.

“For us, at NETCONOMY, it’s more than just being seen – it’s about showcasing our expertise and customer-centric approach,” Sabine noted, highlighting the importance of our presence at Google Cloud Next 2024. “Our collaboration with Google allows us to create unparalleled value for our customers.”

Exciting Technical Roadmap Ahead: Impressions from Boban Djordjevic

Boban, our Development Lead for AI and machine learning, brought back crucial takeaways from his conversations with Google Product Managers. These conversations offered him rare insights into future tech developments and roadmaps that are not yet public.

A key innovation for Boban is the integration of foundation models with Google Search to ground the models with real-time information. “This feature is a game-changer for Google, as other large language models only have access to outdated information and not real-time data,” he commented.

Additionally, Boban highlighted the improvement of Vector Search DB with support for hybrid search. This advancement simplifies the tech stack by eliminating the need to maintain separate databases for regular and semantic searches, opening up new and exciting use cases, and streamlining development processes.

Final Thoughts: Our Journey Forward with Generative AI and Google Solutions

These highlights from Google Cloud Next 2024 clearly show we are entering a new technological era, with generative AI and cloud solutions taking center stage. At NETCONOMY, we are excited to leverage these developments to empower our customers, staying at the forefront of AI and cloud innovation. The future promises a technologically advanced, connected, and innovative horizon, with AI offering vast opportunities for those ready to embrace its potential.