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Google Cloud Discovery Solutions for Retail

Give Your Customers What They Want

Google Cloud Discovery Solutions supercharge your online shop with Google-quality search and recommendations features, increasing conversions and preventing cart abandonment.

Today’s customers are not always sure what they want. But when they are looking to buy, they expect you to take the bits and pieces of information and deliver exactly what they need. And the data agrees:

As many as 94% of global consumers report that they don’t find the products they expect after using a retail website’s search function. And they respond by leaving – which costs retailers USD 300bil in the US alone.

Discovery Solutions for Retail by Google Cloud help you avoid that by giving you state-of-the-art search and recommendation features for your online shopping platform.

So give your customers exactly what they are looking for with three powerful Discovery Solutions.

Retail Search

Power of Google Search on Your Platform

Retail Search empowers your digital commerce website or app with Google-native search capabilities. The solution provides high-quality search results to your customers by understanding the search context and intent.

Higher Revenue per Visit
With Retail Search, customers see personalized results based on their shopping history and preferences. This way, they are more likely to find a relevant product and purchase it, increasing the revenue with each visit.

Simple to Manage and Optimize
Thanks to powerful AI and machine learning capabilities, Retail Search requires very little intervention once it’s set up. The system learns and optimizes itself based on experience, requiring almost no website merchandising support.

Recommendations AI

Personalization at Its Best

With Recommendations AI, you can offer your customers highly personalized product recommendations based on their past purchases and behaviors, context, and a product’s overall popularity.

A True Omnichannel Experience
Recommendations AI works across categories, devices, and channels to provide relevant and personalized recommendations across the customer journey.

Adapts to Your Business Goals
To ensure you hit your overall business targets, you can easily optimize the Recommendations AI solution to favor specific categories or products. This way, you can optimize for conversions, click-through rate, or revenue per session.

Vision Product Search

A Seamless Blend of Online and Offline

Vision Product Search decreases friction in the customer journey by helping shoppers easily find and purchase a product based on a photo.

Engage With Customers Wherever They Are
Vision Product Search allows customers to identify products simply by taking a photo on their phone. It can detect multiple items on a single image and offers similar products that you have in stock.

Increase Cross-selling With Better Recommendations
By analyzing what’s on the photo, Vision Product Search can also recommend complementary items that would go well with the product that has been identified. This increases the cross- and up-selling rate, increasing your revenue with each visit.

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