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MIGROS wins SAP Quality Award in the category “Innovation”

The SAP Quality Award is given annually to customers who were able to realize outstanding innovation activities. MIGROS, the largest retailer in Switzerland, wins the Silver Award for the implementation of a kiosk-system which is based on SAP Commerce and was developed by NETCONOMY. The Award was presented during the SAP NOW in Basel.

About the project

The “Bestellterminal”-project is one of the core projects of the cross-sales initiative of MIGROS to raise visibility of the whole assortment on every Point of Sale, thus providing an outstanding Customer Experience to all customers. By using SAP Customer Experience with a headless frontend, it is possible to re-use the existing architecture for new specialty markets with minimal efforts. The system provides convenient access to more than 100’000 products from different assortments directly at the MIGROS’ supermarkets.

Customer Experience at its Best

Nowadays, customers’ expectations are beyond the goal to get a product for the cheapest price. As customers identify themselves with specific brands to present a certain lifestyle to their social environment, the experience to get the desired product is a crucial part in this cycle. From the first point of interaction with a commerce unit, to contacting customer service when elaborating on guarantee related topics, a seamless interaction with this business unit, wherever and whenever, is a crucial fact to keep the customer relationship on a high level. By introducing the “Bestellterminal” to physical stores like supermarkets, MIGROS enables the customer to get in contact with the business unit in an omnichannel way. The consistent look and feel in all channels is one of the most important success factors. Since the initial project is based on a headless Frontend architecture, MIGROS is able to use the same backend structure as desktop/mobile and use all future developed features for all specialty markets.

The “Bestellterminal” was developed and implemented by NETCONOMY and runs for all Business Units of Micasa, SportXX, Bikeworld, Doit + Garden and Interio.