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SAP CX Beach Event – the Netherlands

Meet the future of adaptive CX for commerce and marketing

About the event:

Together with our partners from SAP, we are bringing together customer experience leaders from across the Netherlands for a day at the beach.

During the event, we’ll discuss how composable commerce and customer data are set to shape the future of customer experience – and how you can take advantage of that.

As part of the day, we’ll also organize a roundtable around the power of customer data and how it can help you (or, if not used properly – prevent you) from forming long-lasting relationships with your customers.

When: 4 July 2023, from 12:00 to 23:45
Where: B.E.A.C.H. Noordwijk


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Roundtable discussion

Do You Know How Much Your Bad Data Is Costing You?

Tuesday 4 July 2023


Is your customer data siloed across your organization, preventing you from seeing the bigger picture?

In this roundtable, we want to discuss the hidden costs of data silos and how they prevent you from generating value from your customer data.

We’ll also touch on the role of customer data platforms (CDP) in breaking down data silos – allowing you to unify customer data and create a comprehensive view of your customer – and why this is the perfect first step for the kind of personalization that results in long-lasting brand loyalty.

Our roundtable hosts:

Romke Velders

Business Evolution Manager, NETCONOMY

Harald van Zee


Join us for a beach day full of learning and share your experience with other CX leaders.