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OMR Festival 2024: NETCONOMY and Tchibo Masterclass

Unlock Customer Insights for Tailored Experiences

About the event:

The Online Marketing Rockstars Festival (OMR) is a major event bringing together digital marketing and technology leaders from around the world. We were thrilled to again be a part of OMR in the SAP Exhibitor space.

Together with our customer Tchibo, we held a Masterclass on using customer insights to craft tailored experiences that boost engagement and loyalty.

Access the Masterclass recording – available in German only.
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Sip by Sip – From Data to Experience

Masterclass: Customer Orientation at Its Best - How Tchibo Uses Data-Driven Insights for Seamless Personalization

Tchibo has become one of Germany’s largest consumer and retail companies by providing an outstanding customer experience. Now, the focus of Tchibo is on offering these experiences in a seamless and highly personalized way across all channels – using data-driven insights and diverse integrations from the SAP portfolio.

Watch our Masterclass on-demand to learn how to:

  • orchestrate personalized experiences across all touchpoints by leveraging data from across your ecosystem
  • optimize touchpoints along the customer journey to drive brand visibility
  • boost customer value growth efficiently with automated tools.


Michael Großegger

Customer Director, NETCONOMY

Kristina Büttner 

Marketing Director, Tchibo

Christoph Kastaun

Director of IT, Tchibo

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