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Transforming the Blue Tomato Online Shopping Experience

Bringing personalized 'moments of wow' across all channels

The Blue Tomato brand is all about experiences and sensations that produce “moments of wow”.

To bring the same feeling to their online shop, we implemented a cloud-native solution that supports excellent performance and a fully personalized shopping experience.

About Blue Tomato

For over 30 years, the Blue Tomato brand has been a synonym for everything related to snowboarding, freeskiing, surfing, skateboarding, and street style.

Following the slogan ‘your ride. our mission.’ they are a premier retailer of products and services related to these sports and have built a vibrant community of like-minded people.

Blue Tomato at a glance:

  • founded in 1988
  • 80 shops in 8 countries
  • covering over 500 brands
  • 98 mil € revenue in 2019

Customer Challenges

Outdated legacy solution

The shop was based on legacy monolithic architecture, limiting growth and maneuverability.

No personalization options

Personalization – a key competitive advantage for retailers – was not supported.

Difficult content maintenance

Adding new products and content to the shop was challenging and time consuming.

Blue Tomato works in an international environment, covering 60 countries. This made the project more complex, as the online shop needed to support over 14 languages and 8 currencies.

The Solution: A cloud-native shop with a headless architecture

The headless architecture provides a flexible foundation that allows us to add new touchpoints and channels in the future easily. As a result, Blue Tomato can quickly pivot to answer any changes in the market, ensuring they are ahead of their competition.

We took an iterative approach to keep the project’s complexity to a minimum. This meant we could lift the legacy system into a modern solution without service interruptions – lowering the overall risk.

Finally, our teams designed and implemented new content creation and maintenance flows to enable Blue Tomato to quickly launch new products or services in the shop.

What We Accomplished

30% increase in click-through rate

increase in click-through rate

drop in bounce rate on gender-specific landing pages

91% of customers reported finding what they were looking for

of customers found the content they were looking for

Project Highlights

Headless Front-end Architecture

  • We completely rebuilt the homepage and landing page user experience with our custom-made Archibald storefront, using a headless front-end architecture.
  • The headless architecture is perfect for an omnichannel approach as it decouples the front end from the back end, making it easy to add new channels or touch points.
  • This also provided a clear migration path for the rest of the digital commerce platform to move from legacy system architecture to a headless cloud architecture.

Personalized Shopping Experience

  • We ensured the new online shop was fully personalized, resulting in an experience tailored to the specific customer.
  • The platform serves product recommendations based on past purchases and behavior, ensuring that everything customers see is relevant to them.
  • The promotions and marketing campaigns are also customized, making the overall marketing efforts more effective.

Andreas Augustin | Head of Digital Customer Experience, Blue Tomato

NETCONOMY is the kind of partner that challenges us to be better. This is reflected in anything from small things like retrospectives to expert advice about our whole system. For me, this is a great benefit as it helps us constantly improve.


Wolfgang Bertl | Project Lead, Blue Tomato

We’ve been working with NETCONOMY for more than ten years, and this project highlighted the partnership we’ve developed. Our close collaboration allowed us to anticipate and solve challenges before they even happened. As a result, we’ve launched the new home and landing pages on time despite an incredibly tight go-live deadline.