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Google Cloud BigQuery

All Your Data – in an Instant

With Google Cloud BigQuery, you can run large-scale analytics and find meaningful insights in real time on any budget.

Companies across the globe are adopting data-driven decision-making to beat their competitors and take the lead. And they collect and analyze huge amounts of data from various sources to achieve this.

But, for this approach to be successful, companies need to provide a single view of data across the business and ensure transparency across departments and teams. And that’s where Google Cloud BigQuery shines.   

Google Cloud’s BigQuery  is a serverless cloud data warehouse that plays an essential role in providing a unified view of company data and removing data silos. It scales with your business and has built-in machine-learning capabilities, providing the basis for AI-based solutions.  

BigQuery is one of the most powerful data warehouses on the market, ranked a Leader in the category by a Forrester Wave report in 2021. 


Benefits of using BigQuery

Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Improves decision-making by capturing and analyzing data in real-time

Ensures your data is secured and encrypted, at all times

Easily manages costs by scaling up or down depending on your business needs

Increases the value of your data with built-in machine-learning features

BigQuery features

Data Capabilities Unlike Any Other

Serverless setup

Get your insights when you need them and where you need them. Switch focus from infrastructure management to insights analysis.


Real-time analytics

Analyze the latest business data thanks to built-in capabilities that ingest streaming data and make it available to query in real time. Quickly connect to streaming products with native integrations.


Multicloud capability

BigQuery Omni provides secure and cost-effective data analysis across clouds with results shared in a unified display.


Geospatial analysis

Enrich your analytics workflows with location intelligence, thanks to native support for geospatial analysis. Enable better views and unlock hidden value.


Works with all data types

Query your data, whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. Explore and unify different data types with BigLake. Use Dataplex to centrally manage and work with data across various data lakes or warehouses.


Built-in machine learning capabilities

Quickly build and operationalize machine learning models with all types of data with simple SQL. Export BigQuery machine learning models for online prediction into Vertex AI.


Data governance and security

Guarantee strong security and data governance with BigQuery’s integration with security and privacy services from Google Cloud. Ensure data encryption at all times by default.


Public data sets

Benefit from a robust data repository of over 200 public data sets from various industry branches. Query up to 1 TB of public data per month at no cost.


BigQuery use cases

From Raw Data to Actionable Insights

  • Transfer data into BigQuery
    Bring data from multiple sources into BigQuery, automate data flows, and deploy data pipelines.  
  • Migrate a data warehouse to BigQuery
    Streamline your migration by using the free and fully managed BigQuery Migration Service. 
  • Real-time event-driven analytics
    Get business insights in real-time, improve decision-making, and instantly respond to trigger events.
  • Build recommendation and detection systems
    Use smart analytics to build e-commerce recommendation systems, predict customer lifetime value, or design a propensity to purchase solution. 
  • Analyze log data
    Run queries on log data generated from servers, sensors, and other devices, for deeper insights. 
  • Build a marketing data warehouse
    Enhance marketing performance by building advanced audiences and delivering timely, targeted, and personalized advertising. 
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