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NETCONOMY Is Bringing Its Expertise to The Netherlands

NETCONOMY is expanding its business to the Netherlands market in 2022.

By opening a local office in the Netherlands, NETCONOMY has made a first step in expanding our business in Northern Europe. We aim to bring our 20 years of experience to this new market and guide our Dutch customers through their digital transformation journey.

Martin Barzauner, CEO of NETCONOMY, said: “As an independent company, we aim to build long-term partnerships and collaborate with both customers and technology providers in a way that motivates everyone to achieve more. We are especially proud of our highly skilled team whose experience ranges across many industries, and we look forward to using that expertise to support our Dutch customers in improving their digital channels”.

A big step in this expansion is the (sales) partnership we’ve recently closed with SAP in the Netherlands. The partnership focuses on commerce, customer data, and marketing solutions within the SAP Customer Experience suite.

“We are very happy to welcome NETCONOMY to our Dutch partner ecosystem and welcome them as a new partner. With NETCONOMY’s background and expertise, we expect them to support our customers with their digital customer transformation strategies in the best way possible” said Alf Janssen, Chief Partner Officer at SAP Netherlands.

With over 500 experts across 10 European locations, we are confident we will bring a revolution to the market, and are looking forward to creating unforgettable digital experiences with our Netherlands customers.