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Join the Webinar: Seamless Journey to the Cloud

Exclusive Interview with Virgin Megastore

As SAP Commerce is transitioning to a new architecture in Commerce Cloud v2 (Public Cloud), SAP will stop licensing and supporting previous versions. SAP Commerce Cloud v2 integrates all the components required for the omnichannel business and empowers you to focus on delivering engaging experiences to your customers across all channels and touchpoints.

In this webinar, we will focus on the key requirements of a modern commerce platform, discuss best practices of migrating SAP Commerce solutions to SAP Commerce Cloud v2 and share insights from Virgin Megastore about the benefits of migrating to the public cloud.

The Why

  • Decision baseline for defining a cloud-first strategy (security, flexibility, scalability)
  • Components of SAP Commerce Cloud (infrastructure, automation, innovation)
  • Future scenarios (AI-empowered engagement, new business models)

The How

  • Cloud adoption strategies (migrate late vs. migrate early)
  • Main steps for migrating to the cloud (discover, develop, test, deploy)
  • Preparation process (code review, functional mapping, platform requirements)

The Benefits

  • The main reasons for Virgin Megastore to migrate to the cloud
  • Operational changes in handling the new commerce platform
  • The future perspective concerning the enhancement of the platform with a focus on customer experience