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SAP Innovation Day for CX – the Netherlands

Unlock the Future of Customer Experience

About the event:

Mark your calendars for 11 April as we uncover the future of customer experience (CX) together with our SAP partners. Dive into the latest trends and innovations driving CX forward. Explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hybrid composability in reshaping customer engagement.

Join us for an interactive session featuring expert insights from our customer 11teamsports. You’ll hear practical strategies and firsthand experiences that will lift your customer-centric initiatives to new heights. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. See you on on 11 April.

When: 11 April 2024, from 12:00 to 18:00
Where: Buitenplaats Kameryck, Kamerik

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Interactive Expert Exchange

Reinventing Customer Connections: 11teamsports' Way Forward

Thursday 11 April


In the course of this session 11teamsports unveils insights from our latest project, where we jointly laid the groundwork for a transformative strategy foundation, envisioning the future of the customer journey. The primary objective is to ensure a seamless and unified customer experience across a wide range of hosted brands. Leveraging the technical foundation provided by SAP, we’ve explored cutting-edge technology to pave the way for this innovative initiative. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into our strategic approach, the challenges we faced, and the potentials enabled by SAP technology.

Our Expert Session Hosts

Sebastian Schneider

Senior Director IT + Infrastructure Project Management and Sustainability, 11teamsports

Markus Unger

Customer Director, NETCONOMY

Romke Velders

Business Evolution Manager, NETCONOMY

Join us for a day full of learning and share your experience with other CX leaders.