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Experience Matters: SAP FKOM 2019

experience matters - highlights from SAP FKOM 2019

As in previous years, January means it‘s time for the SAP kick-off meeting – SAP FKOM – in Barcelona. The FKOM brings together SAP partners and sales teams from various industries to discuss the focus and the direction of the upcoming year. It‘s the perfect location to gather insights about imminent SAP innovations and to discuss the future Customer Experience roadmap with partners from across Europe.

Customer Experience Roadmap

“Experience Matters” is not only the slogan of the opening keynote held by SAP Executive Board Member Adaire Fox-Martin, it also defines the roadmap for the year 2019. SAP thus puts „Customer Experience“ in the center of attention and continuously develops its solutions in connection with the SAP Customer Experience Suite. Customer centricity is more than ever the key focus of business models. This fourth-generation CRM technology is not about automated transactions and standardized processes, it’s much more about building authentic and trusting customer relations. With the frontend suite SAP C/4HANA a solution was launched which seamlessly serves clients from the initial contact to the sales conclusion. The establishment of the suite clearly underlines the change from traditional product sales to a business process orientation. Thinking comprehensive business processes digital instead of positioning single products, supports the basic idea behind the Customer Experience Suite. The application of the newest technologies in C/4HANA – e.g. IoT and machine learning – rounds off the process revolution in a perfect state-of-the-art style. Also mid-sized companies highly profit from simplified procedures provided by the SAP Customer Experience Suite. With C/4HANA they have access to a fully integrated solution, which makes the implementation of single systems unnecessary. The simple and secure use of various cloud services enables cheap end-to-end processes in e-commerce. All in all a concept we as NETCONOMY are matching with and which we reflect within our newly defined service portfolio, by using the SAP Customer Experience Suite as a basis to create unique customer experiences in respect of all requirements set by the digital business.

Shoulder-to-shoulder with the SAP Partner Community

Major changes which are driven by the new portfolio, all above the SAP Customer Experience Suite and the SAP Cloud Services, need to be reflected within the services provided by SAP’s partners. A mix of expert talks, knowledge sharing sessions and discussions during the SAP FKOM 2019 has created a perfect frame to understand upcoming transformation processes within the SAP environment and to effectively invite partners to join this path. The atmosphere between SAP and its partner community paints a collaborative and motivated picture. The main aim is to act as a unified team which provides clients with the widest possible range of quality services.